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Can coffee cause gas?

can coffee cause gas?

Gas in your stomach is primarily caused by swallowing air when you eat or drink. Most stomach gas is released when you burp.  Gas forms in your large intestine (colon) when bacteria ferment carbohydrates — fiber, some starches and some sugars — that aren’t digested in your small intestine. If you have stomach problems then it is better to avoid drinking […]

How to order Coffee in Germany?

How to order coffee in germany

Germany may have been visited by many people. But did anyone go to coffee cafes in Germany and have coffee? Many may not have eaten. Do you know how to order coffee in Germany? It’s really what everyone wants to know. Here i share a video of EASY GERMAN YOUTUBE video where they discuss that […]

Can coffee cause acne?

Can coffee cause acne?

Many people have an idea that drinking coffee will increase his acnes. Is it true at all? While some are true, not all are. Some people may believe that cutting out coffee clears their skin. However, there is no evidence to suggest that coffee causes acne. Coffee contains antioxidants that are good for the skin. If coffee is […]


tower bridge of london

Many have long wanted to know the best coffee shops in London. After searching a lot, I posted the best video. Coffee lunatics may go crazy after watching this video. If you watch the whole video, you can comment on the names of the cafes.

Mocha coffee receipe

Mocha coffee receipe

Mocha coffee is based on espresso and hot milk but with added chocolate flavouring and sweetener, typically in the form of cocoa powder and sugar. Do you know the other name of mocha coffee? It is called mocaccino or chocolate coffee. Have you ever made this coffee at home and eaten it yourself? It seems […]

How to make a Cup of Coffee From coffee cherry

coffee cherry

Ever wondered how coffee is made from coffee cherries? I also never thought. I may have seen coffee cherries hanging in this tree first time. Do you know How to make coffee from coffee cherry? Here are some coffee processing methods that you can learn from this video. Watching the video will drive you crazy.

How to make cappuccino coffee.

Have you ever made cappuccino coffee at home? It may be yes or no. You may know that this coffee is delicious to eat . You may think that it is very difficult to make in a few hours. But you don’t know that it takes less than a 20 minute to make it. You […]