Coffee Drinkers: Living a Longer Life

Coffee Drinkers: Living a Longer Life

Are you an avid coffee drinker? Do you love its aroma, too? You may enjoy not only its aroma but also the healthy substance of coffee.

Coffee plays a necessary role in human beings’ lives- whether at work or home. They enjoy the goodness of its taste and how can it help them to be energized. Coffee also helps them to have a more productive life. But not all people do love coffee. There are so many misconceptions resulting in a misleading view of coffee.

Non-coffee drinkers may think that drinking coffee can lessen your life span and be in danger with several diseases. Well, they are factually wrong. There are studies shown that drinking coffee can help in the longevity of your life that allows coffee drinkers to enjoy their life to the fullest, granting they drink moderately. It essential to drink coffee on an average level to maintain the betterment of life.

You can’t deny the fact that many people are addicted to drinking coffee- whether it’s black, with cream, decaf coffee, or any kind. Their morning routine isn’t complete without coffee. This habit is beneficial in terms of maintaining your good health, can be part of a healthy diet and a higher chance of mortality rate. A study was conducted and shown that coffee can be good for your skin and less likely to develop rosacea.

Evidence That Even Heavy Coffee Drinkers Live Longer Than Non-Coffee Drinkers

Coffee as A Major Source of Antioxidants

Several coffee compounds are antioxidants that help in defending your body from oxidative stress. This stress can put your life at risk since it can cause damage to free radicals. Several conditions, like heart diseases, cancer, and even aging, can be caused by oxidation. In the Western diet, coffee is considered as a brilliant source of antioxidants. Normal people think that caffeine is what you only get in drinking coffee. But no, you can get a lot of beneficial compounds, too.

Living A Longer Life with Coffee

Moderate coffee intake can help you have a lower risk of dying from different severe conditions. There are several studies conducted which found out that coffee drinkers rarely die from diseases like respiratory disease, stroke, infections, heart diseases, injuries, and a lower risk of early death.

Some studies also showed that even drinking more than 8 cups of coffee every day can help lessen the risk of death for a follow-up period, which is 10 years.  These studies are only observational, but that doesn’t mean that you need to fear to drink coffee, these serve as an assurance that a moderate coffee intake won’t put your life in danger.

Coffee as A Prevention for Illnesses

Coffee can help you with common serious illnesses by serving as a weapon defending your body from these diseases. You can have a lower risk of adult-onset diabetes, colorectal cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. By adding up proper diet and exercise, you can ensure yourself to be away from medicines and operations – Making your life happier and healthier.

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